I’m a recent graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and I’m transitioning into a career as a database analyst with Applied Predictive Technologies.

My college coursework focused on Databases, Cryptography and Security, Graphics and Vision, and Sustainability.

I worked for three years with UVA’s ecoMOD program to install state-of-the-art monitoring systems in several of their construction and renovation projects. My goal was to deliver useful data on the effectiveness of energy use reduction strategies, and to present that data to clients and homeowners. My largest project involved construction of three new sustainable homes for two nonprofit organizations in south-western Virginia. We used funding from a $30,000 research grant that I helped secure to monitor how effective these new houses are at meeting the goals of the nonprofits.

I also participated in The Washington Society, ran my school’s ACM High School Programming Contest, spent two years as a Resident Adviser and participated in the yearly ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

I also had a successful summer internship with The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab developing databases and web applications in support of NASA’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes mission.

I also make my own beer!